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Dave Voda--writer, teacher, filmmaker and all-around Renaissance man.
Pleasant guy since 1989.

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Writer, Filmmaker, Teacher

Dave Voda's various articles and short fiction have appeared in popular media outlets ranging from the New York Times to the literary journal ZYZZYVA. His novel HOPEWELL was a Finalist in the 2018 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition and the 2019 L.A. Neo-Noir Festival Competition. Other fictions titles include the STATE SLAVE and MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE, available on Amazon.

He is the author of the non-fiction books INFLATION PROOF YOUR PORTFOLIO (Wiley) and THE COMPUTER PRINTER PRIMER (Prentice Hall). He was Producer of the business and economics show FRONT PAGE, for PJTV and directed the indie film THE SECRETARY, which won "Best First Feature" at the San Remo International Film Festival.

He currently teaches writing classes at College of the Desert and the University of California/Riverside as well as a private workshop at the Desert Arts Center in Palm Springs, where he lives.

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